Saturday, May 16, 2009

6 Flags!

For My birthday this year I decided a good way to celebrate would be to go to 6 Flags! I haven't been for 11 years and it was so fun to go back! I really like roller coasters and I tend to be pregnant any time I think of going so this worked out great. I took Jeff with me so we could spend some good quality time together - since he's been so busy with school recently.
We got on the first ride, Flashback, and after that Jeff remembered why he didn't like roller coasters. Bummer. He didn't throw up, just didn't want to do that again. He stood in line for the rides with me, but would just walk across and go take pictures when I got on the ride. It was a hot, humid, day, but not too busy so it was a great day. I got to ride Batman, Mr. Freeze, and Superman. Then we did a log ride thing - which was really just "it's a small world" with Warner Bro. characters (trying to get Yosemite Sam).
We decided to get some food after that. Well, lets just say that after waiting longer in line for food than for any ride, we decided to forgo the food and eat a granola bar (we smuggled in). We tried one last coaster (no loops) before calling it quits. Well, it was a huge wooden one and man that thing was a rough ride - I think I have bruises from all the banging around! Let's just say that Jeff still didn't enjoy the ride! Then we got a caricature done and headed out for Braums (since we were still hungry). Oh - a huge thanks to my friends for helping out with our kids during this!

Things I learned....
1. I'm not 19 anymore! Man am I sore today!
2. I'm still not 19... sound familiar :) - I got so tired so much faster and we defiantly weren't at the park all day.
3. I love hanging out with my hubby - even if he didn't love the rides, it was great to be together!
4. Getting time with out the kids is nice - I love my kids, but wow, so nice to have this experience without cranky tired kids to drag along too!
5. I still love roller coasters - but I have more side effects from them now (see #1&2) - headache feelings after riding them too.
6. This will be fun to do with my kids when they are older! I'll get to be the one on the rides with them :)
7. I enjoyed doing something "big" for my birthday! Granted it was a bigger birthday, and I haven't done this in forever so that helped it be a bigger thing too.

Glad I got to have a 6 Flags day! (that's their logo)


Alli said...

That does look like a fun day! You look so smiley and happy :)

J and C said...

Sounds like the perfect birthday, except for the food lines, but I'm sure Braums wss better anyway.

Justin really wants to go to six flags for his birthday, but since I will have just had a baby I think we too are going to have to wait a while.

Glad you had fun.

Katie Busken said...

Happy Birthday! I need to think of something "big" to do for my "big" birthday this year too. I can't believe how old we're getting. I definitely don't feel that old--and by the looks of it, you don't either. I'm glad you had fun! said...

So cool! I remember you at 19....hehehehehe. I'm with ya on really enjoying stuff like that when the kids are older. It's going to be awesome!:)

Tink said...

Looks like fun! I was also disappointed when I first realized my body didn't like roller coasters much anymore. ): I still ride them, just not the loop-de-loops or the ones that throw you around too much.

I'm so glad you got to go celebrate your birthday in such a fun way! (:

nellsq said...

So glad you had a fun time! Randy is the same of Jeff...but at least you got to spend some time together!


Gosh, when you are young, you think you will never not be able to ride those rides, you love them so much. Then you grow up, and reality hits. I used to love to ride these rides, when we were younger, in fact my cousin and I had Season Passes. Then when my kids got old enough to ride the "big kid" rides we went, and after riding one ride, I thought "what was I thinking?" I spent the rest of the day trying to talk the kids out of riding the "big kid rides." I kept saying "Don't you want to ride something else?" "I think you should ride something else!" They weren't having it!

Karen and Dave said...

Haha...remember those times we all went to Lagoon? This reminds me of that :)

Williams Family said...

Awesome!!! Wish I could have been there!