Friday, May 8, 2009


Surprise - the swine flu crisis is over at the school... and they went back today instead of Monday! I was very happy about this lovely surprise. The boys were too! They have missed school. It was nice to have the morning with the girls going on a walk and out to the store - so much easier with just 2!

While we were on "break" we made it to the Botanical Gardens with some friends. Here are a few photos of the fun events :).

The kids! It was overcast and threatening of rain... which means no one was there! It was beautiful... so much in bloom, plus the weather turned out really nice!

There are turtles and fish in the pond. The kids liked helping feed them :)

Just too cute not to share :)

Mhari ate a dandelion with it's seeds ready to blow away! Yuck! I guess that must have been a yummy wish she was making :)

A really cool huge tree with a hole in the trunk and awesome roots. The kids liked climbing all over it.

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Jaime and Brent said...

Well at least you were able to plan something fun since school was not an option. The pictures are really pretty. What a fun day!