Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kid Fun!

It has rained here a few times recently and the kids have discovered that rain makes good mud! Well, maybe it's just the dirty water that they love! Here they are loving the wet sand box! They play in it more when it's filled with water than when it's just sand!

Talmage and Grant



Mhari was playing in it too... but she got out when I came outside. She enjoyed posing for me tho! She's a cutie (her feet and pants were wet from the sand box)!

Mhari is such a smarty!

She thinks she's a big kid and will do almost anything they do. It's interesting to have a 4th... Here is today's adventure ~
Mhari climbed up onto the kitchen table (not a new feet) and got the whale crackers (that were still sitting there from snack time).

Since there was a plate right there she loaded it up with crackers. (On a side note if you notice her shirt is completely soaked... from the playing in the sandbox again!)

After several times of loading it up (I told her that was enough)... she decided it was time to eat!

That cracker is going straight to her mouth in case you can't tell :). I'm sure it sends mixed messages to take pictures of this then get her off the table... like she won't do it again (ha ha ha), but it was too cute not to share!
I did sit her down in the chair to enjoy the crackers while I finished getting dinner ready. She's becoming very independent! I need to enjoy these moments... they grow up so fast!

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EmpressOfAllSheSurveys said...

So cute!! The girls usually go right along with the boys when it comes to getting dirty.... no time for being ladylike when there's MUD involved!!