Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Here are some of the projects we've been up to...

Our bedroom has been in need of some drapes in our little quarter cirlce windows. So much light and heat comes through them and our room suffers every summer. When talking to a friend she gave me a good suggestion she found of using wire hangers, electrical tape, and the material to create my own forms to cover my little windows. I think it turned out great. With some extra material I pinned up triangle valences. They aren't fabulous, but it ties the look together. Our room has been so much better with this improvement!

I also darkened the boys curtains and took down their blinds - they were broken and a real eye sore from the front of the house. See my dark material :)

I also inherited this way cute material and decided to make the girls some pajama dresses. Here is Sandra's. Mhari's is just missing the bottom ruffle. Sandra loves it so much that she wasn't going to get dressed today. I finally convinced her around 1 pm that she needed to put some clothes on or she couldn't wear the dress to bed tonight :)

I have switched the girls to the same room. I've been dreading doing this because Sandra plays so much in bed. I didn't want her to play with Mhari and wake her up (or keep her up). We've done 2 nights and so far so good. I convinced Sandra to switch because now she has a "girl" room. I'm not sure that she wanted to leave the boys otherwise!

Jeff's been keeping busy with projects and planning projects. Yesterday he redid the henny food. This holds tons more than our last food dish and it should stay cleaner too! He has also been working on the hen house - caulking it to keep the rain out, and cleaning it out.

Today's project was cleaning out the dryer vent. Birds think it's a great nest! He redid the vent cover too to keep our friendly birds from rebuilding their nests!

There are more projects in the works... I'll update when they happen :). It's been nice to have Jeff around and be able to get some things done around the house!


Mother of 4, Caregiver of 8 said...

good job with the curtains!

Anything off the floor is better with chickens. If I could hang the waterer I would.

The PJ's turned out way cute. I wouldn't want to take them off either.

Alli said...

You are a bunch of busy bees out there! Nice job :)

luvmykids said...

You guys are awesome. I love the girls' room! Very girly.

J and C said...

What is the deal with the Texas birds and air vents? When we moved in to our house the covers where missing form the vent. So we cleaned them out and put covers on., But the bird came back right away.

We cleaned them out again, and put the vents on and duct-taped them so the couldn't get in but air could get out and the have ripped off the duct tape! And started their little bird families in there.

We are now going to have to take them down install wire mesh and put the vents up again! URgh.

Otherwise looks like you have been keeping nice and busy!

Machelle said...

Great now Im inspired to do some home improvements. I've got cushions to cover and windows to treat. BUT NO TIME. AAGGHH

Tink said...

I would totally wear those pajamas. So cute! (:

Williams Family said...

looks like you are still busy, even with school out. keep up the sewing. it looks great.