Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Clark is starting to get more adventurous! It is a bit scary for the mommy though! He is trying to figure out the stairs, but still not ready to go all the way up. Today while I was hanging out upstairs with the kids I looked behind me to see Clark on the train table! I knew he was playing with the cars, but how did he get up there... and then stay up there playing?!

He was having a great time pushing the cars around.
He didn't even really get close to falling off. I was surprised, but he seems to have good balance. I'm sure that will change when he does fall off. At least it's a very short table!
What a little cutie... or stinker - depending on if you're the mom or not :).

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Katy B. said...

Sooooo cute! By the way, I LOVE the header picture. Cowboy hats! Yeehaw! :):):)