Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baby's First...

Hair Cut!

My baby boy has a lot of hair... well maybe I should rephrase... Clark has a lot of hair for one of our babies, especially a boy! I have resisted cutting it because it's so blonde you can't hardly even see it. The problem with that is that it's super long in the back ....

and on top.
Kind of like we planned for him to have a Mohawk. Since we aren't that cool... and we prefer cute little boy hair cuts I decided the time had come to chop it off. Plus I was cutting his brothers' hair and it was just good timing ;).

Since I did the cutting and holding of the baby... there are no pictures of the actual hair cut (with the clippers). I did save the little hairs for his baby book :).

Here is the clean up afterwards!

Did I ever mention that Clark loves to splash?

So here's the after shot...
Ya, with all of that blonde hair you can't even see it was cut, let alone see he still has hair. Oh well, at least maybe it will grow in thicker :).

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A Tale of Two said...

What, you and Jeff don't love a boy with a Mohawk? I'm shocked! ;)

The haircut looks great!