Monday, June 20, 2011

Capital T

We went on our first family trip this last weekend.  OK, so maybe not our first, but our first where we didn't just go to see family and hang out in their homes.  Jeff's cousin, Cassie, was getting married and we decided to go down for the wedding.  We went down Friday after Jeff got off work.  We stayed in a hotel ;).  We totally forgot to take pictures of the hotel, but it was fun... especially the indoor pool :).  My baby loves to swim!  Oh, and the breakfast was great too!

Anyway... Saturday we headed out to see downtown Austin, or rather, the Capital of Texas.  It was super cool, and free.  We went to the visitor's center first, which used to be the Land Office for Texas.  They had some fun things for the kids too. 

Here are Sandra and Mhari on the Saddle.

Grant's turn on the saddle

Talmage working on the computer.  There were games, interactive tours of the capital, and tons of Texas State information!

 I am the statue on the top of the capital :)

OK, time to get to the capital... well, after we chase this squirrel first :)

There it is!  Oh and Jeff and the cute baby!

Talmage and Grant posing with a fake cannon outside the capital building.

Jeff and the kids in the middle of the capital.  We are getting ready for the tour :)

Looking up:  So cool!  That star is 8 feet across... just to give you a feel for how far away it is!

 They have portraits of all of the Governors around the room.  I thought it was cool :)

  Here is the House of Representatives (I think)

and the Senate

The Texas State Capital is the largest in the nation (Texas has to be the biggest), and that's because they remodeled and added 2 stories, underground, and 2 city blocks wide!  This is a cool rotunda that looks down into the rest of the capital offices.  The top of this is the city street.  

On our way out of the grounds.

One more look at the capital :)

There are lots of other cool things we would love to see in Austin!  I guess we'll have to come back and check out more stuff!  It was great to do a quick get away with the kids.  They did great and had a fun time too :).  Wedding pictures will be coming soon!

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Cindy Killebrew said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. I have never even been there. Sad, I know.