Saturday, June 11, 2011


The other week while driving to church Talmage was figuring out some math in the back seat.  It went something like this:

When Clark is 8, I'll be 16.  Grant that means you will be 15, and Sandra you will be 13.  When Clark is 10, I'll be 18!  
Grant started getting in on the fun and adding his age to Clark's various ages.  It ended something like this:  

When Clark is 11 I'll be 19 and on a mission (Talmage).  That means Grant will be 18.  I'll be gone a long time.  Grant will you miss me when I'm gone?  
Ya - Grant's reply :).  
Unless we're together.  We could be together for like 6 months (on missions), if they sent us to the same place.  We could be companions. 
Grant happily agreed

I couldn't help but smile... and laugh a little :).  

I love that my boys love each other and even when they will be far away from us for a few years serving the Lord they still would want to be with each other.  I need this reminder some days, like recently, when they seem to fight more than play nice!

Here they are now...

And over the years together:

Nov 2008

April 2007

May 2006

Feb 2005

They are great companions!


Katy B. said...

Its moments like those for us mothers, that we are so grateful for.....when our kids like each other not because they are related and have to, but because there is a real love and friendship present.

You and Jeff are doing a good job, I tell ya. :)

Katie Busken said...

That is just too cute! I love how you put pictures of them together over the years in this blog. You've got really good kids!

Machelle said...

I love this story. It made me smile a whole lot.

A Tale of Three said...

How sweet!