Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cassie's Wedding

Saturday night was Cassie's wedding.  We were happy that we got to go and attend!  Here she is being walked down the aisle by her dad, Uncle John :).

The ceremony

Right after the ceremony Talmage was staring out the window.  Too cute :)

Mommy and Baby

Cassie, Nick (her brother) and the new hubby, Darryl.

The newly married couple :)

The kids had a chance to run around outside afterwards.  
Here is Clark enjoying the little pad outside.

Grant on the steps


Mommy and Baby


The kids kept busy with a game of tag with some of the other kids that were there :)

Nick, Uncle John, and Aunt Nancy :)

Nick (the maid of honor), Darryl, and Cole

Too funny not to share ;)

The wedding lineup for pictures:

We didn't stay very long since we still had a 3 hour drive back home to get the kids to bed.  It was a lovely evening and great to enjoy a very special occasion with family :).  Congrats to Cassie and Darryl!

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