Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hiding our Stripes

When we first moved into our house, almost 5 years ago, we has the boys in the upstairs bedroom.  Since it was our first house and a boy room I had such fun decorating/painting it.  I had a crazy idea of putting stripes on the wall.  My mother-in-law liked the idea and together we created our striped awesome boys room!

Over time the room became a toy room, our master bedroom, and now our office/sewing room.  Let's just say that Jeff was never a fan of the stripes and it was time for them to go.  Since we are now using it as an office space we decided it needed to be more professional.

Here we go....

Blue Stripes :)

Red Stripes

The blue stripes against the red wall

With being such a dark color we had to use primer to cover it all up...

And after 3 coats it looked like this:
(same corner as above photo)

Very white 

Luckily Jeff agreed to spray the tan on so I just had to tape up everything so he could go to work.  Plus spraying takes so much less time!  Love paint sprayers!
Here is the finished tan:

He did the ceiling too.  I really like how our bedroom turned out with the ceiling being the same color so we decided to spray this one too :)

Jeff's parents helped out a lot and put up some cabinets for us (that were in other parts of the house, no extra cost!).  I love my new sewing corner and use it all of the time!

Here is Jeff's desk with bookshelf and cabinets.  

There is still the odds and ends to put away, but for the most part it's finished!

The last wall that holds more bookshelves.  This is taken with my huge craft table opened so I can use it for my sewing stuff.  The top folds in half and it fits against the wall with the door opening up the middle of the room when I'm not using it. 

I love having an office in it's own room, away from the kids, and with room to organize all of my sewing stuff. It's great to try to organize our space and actually have it be useful to what we need to do!


Shay said...

Wow It looks great! Love paint! It makes such a difference!

Tink said...

That looks so nice! It's wonderful to have a space for your stuff, too! Yay!

Machelle said...

you motivated me to get busy and make a sewing room.