Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Botanic Gardens

The co-op planned another field trip for the Botanic Gardens.  The weather has been amazing and the gardens were beautiful!  We hadn't been to the gardens since we moved to Mansfield so it was nice to go back.  The kids acted like they had never been there before.  It was so cute to see them enjoying nature!

Here is a chameleon the kids found on a huge leaf!  He sure blended in well!  We ended up seeing lots of lizards at the gardens that day!

The kids checking him out :)

The fun log to pretend to be a squirrel in... or whatever animal you feel like!


Mhari, Grant, Clark and Lorna

The overview of the rose gardens

Little Love Bug!





The fountain


There was a turtle on land and the kids really enjoyed watching him as he went back into the water :)

Our group ... minus some small cranky kids ;).

Our two littles were exhausted!  They both crashed in the car and I transferred them to the couch to finish their naps.  They are so cute when they sleep!  Sorry for the dark photos.

The kids found some wild onions growing at the gardens.  For some reason that meant they should pick them.  I tried to get them to stop, but that didn't work.  They did have a plan though.... when they got home they planted the onions in the backyard so we can have our own wild onions.  Talmage even spent time researching how to take care of them.  They are such good little gardeners :).
 It seems like every time we leave some where the kids never want to leave.  I think we could spend several days just enjoying the Botanic Gardens.  They love the plants, the animal life, the interactive stuff for the kids... EVERYTHING :). 

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