Saturday, April 18, 2015

Taking out the Pampas!

The previous owners of our house had some really nice landscaping around the house.  We haven't kept up on it as well as we could, but it is still pretty decent looking.  There is one thing they did that we really can't stand... they had pampas grass features around the property.  Jeff and his brother Nathan had taken out most of them, but there is a massive one in the backyard and a small one on the side yard.  The time had come to take out the pampas grass!  OK, so it's not all done, but the kids helped and made progress in getting it out. 

I hate pampas grass and know how bad it hurts to work in it that I went on a glove hunt.  It seems that any time we need the work gloves there are no pairs to be found.  While on my glove hunt I tacked the garage organizing project.  Jeff worked with the kids while I worked on the garage project. 

Here they are working so hard against the pampas grass!

Sandra going at it with the shovel.  Apparently she's not heavy enough to really do much damage.

Talmage digging away


Mhari gave it a good effort, but couldn't really dent the beast.

She sure put her whole body into it!

Getting aggressive!

Using leverage!

I wish we were done, but there will be another post in the future showing that we, indeed were able to conquer our enemy and reclaim that corner of the yard!  I am very grateful for a hard working hubby and kids!

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