Saturday, April 18, 2015


It is soccer season again!  Talmage and Grant are again on the same team this year.  Seriously, that is one of the blessings I enjoy for having two kids 14 months apart.  They couldn't get back on their previous team so we are now on the Spartans.  They were a team last year and are back together this year with mostly the same team.  I'm grateful the boys aren't starting from scratch with a brand new team again.  The boys have been working really hard and learning a lot in practice.  There are a couple of complaints for this season. 
1.  Sunday games ;(.  Somehow we ended up with 3 Sunday games in our schedule.  We are also missing two weekends for a family vacation so overall the boys will be missing 5 games... there are only 10 games in the season.  Seriously such a bummer.  I did hear that they have rescheduled one of the Sunday games so this Saturday they are having a double header instead of playing on Sunday.  I'm grateful for one more game the boys should be able to play in!
2.  RAIN!  Seriously, spring has hit Texas and that means spring storms!  Some years it's no big deal, but this year it's like rain is hitting every possible weekend!  There have been 2 rain out weekends already.  At this rate the boys won't be able to be at the make up games if they end up scheduled while we are out of town. 
OK, so all complaints aside, the boys really are having a great time!  Grant is playing center defense and does a great job.  Their goalie isn't that good so it makes Grant's job even more important!  Talmage has been playing offense.  He even scored their first goal and had several shots on goal!  It was so great to watch and cheer him on!  He is a good runner and can keep up with the ball better than most of the other boys on the field.  I love seeing them do so well!
Here are just a few pictures of the only game they have played this season:
Talmage is #13
After the game listening to their assistant coach.
Soccer season wouldn't be great without our little soccer stud, Clark!  He is on his first soccer team and doing great!  He is the biggest and the youngest on the team ;).  In their first game Clark scored his team's first goal!  They have only played twice, but he does really well.  He has a great kick and good ball handling.  He also really watches the plays and keeps himself in good position to defend or steal the ball.  It is amazing how much natural ability he seems to have!  He just needs to keep practicing and get used to working in a team environment.  At his level they only let 3 players on the field at a time and no goalie.  The coach also is on the field helping to direct the kids.  Their second game we were a little short handed and the coach let Clark play the whole hour!  He did really well, but was worn out when it was over! 

All of his team mates really like him and the parents know Clark is good so they all cheer really loud for him!  I can't wait to keep watching Clark play soccer for many more years to come!

Playing around

Team Strikers:
Coach, Shawn, Brayden, Kennedy, Clark, and Aiden
Clark warming up by kicking goals ;)
Getting ready to go out on the field
Kicking the ball in (instead of a throw in).
Positioning himself to steal the ball from the other team!

I didn't grow up playing soccer or even caring about the sport.  Seriously, there was too much running for me ;).  I sure do love watching it now, especially when I get to see my kids playing!  Yay for Soccer!  GOALLLLLL!!!!!

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