Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Rains came down...

and the floods came up!

This May has been the wettest on record here in Texas!  We received over 14 inches of rain!  The drought is over and we are now flooding!  The lakes are at capacity... or spilling over!  It has been really crazy!  
Well, we live right by a lake!  I was always a little nervous about the rain and flooding, but it never got crazy at our house.  There have been a few roads in the area that have flooded, but not for very long.  After all of the crazy rain and flooding I went out with the boys to investigate the lake levels by the house!  

On our way we found this turtle up by the guard rail!  Looks like she had dug a nest to lay eggs.  We never saw the eggs (she left the nest open), but it was really cool!

There she is hiding!

It's hard to tell without before photos how far up the water has come... but it has come up a lot!  None of these trees were under water before!

All flooded

Looking out at the main lake.

The closest the lake has gotten to the neighborhood houses.  It looks a little too close for comfort to me.  I am glad there is still more space between our house and the water!

We will see how long it takes for the water level to go down!  It's been nice to be so cool, but not good to have so much flooding in the area.  

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