Friday, April 10, 2015

Nature Park!

Our 4-H club took a field trip to a local nature park.  We invited some co-op friends and spent Friday evening out and about in nature.  They have a butterfly garden and it was fun to talk about Texas, the plains, butterflies, and flowers!  We got to learn how the soil soaks up water better when there are prairie grasses growing in it.  We also learned how deep the prairie grass roots go (like 20 feet down!).  The naturists had glasses for the kids to use to see like a butterfly or a bee and see how the flowers look to them.  It was cool to see how attractive flowers really are! 

They even taught us all about blue bonnets!  It was cool to see the cat's claw and how it works to help spread it's pollen.  We went on a nature walk and really enjoyed being out and about.  It was so great that the Meyers and Jacobs families joined us.  I know my kids really had a blast sharing the field trip with friends!

Mhari with the butterfly glasses on.

Talmage checking out the glasses and trying to find the cat's claw.

A close up of the cat's claw.  It's not really a claw... just a piece of the flower that pokes up and looks like one!  It hides between the petals and pokes up when the bee lands on the petals.  There is pollen on the end and it pokes the bees tummy so it can spread it's pollen.  It's really hard to see... it's just above Talmage's thumb.

Lorna and her friends!  This is Brooklyn

They were so cute walking everywhere and holding hands.

The one with the black and pink is Kaitlyn.  They are twins and just a month or so older than Lorna.  These girls are just adorable!

Yay for blue bonnets!

They just made a little pond to attract birds and other wildlife to the park.

Some scouts came and built a bird blind to hide behind and watch the animals on the pond.  Clark is hiding behind it ;)

Beautiful yellow flower!

Talmage skipping rocks

All of our cute kiddos!  It had been a long walk and the little ones (Lorna) were not being so cooperative. 

Me and the kids.  It's fun to get to go out and learn and explore with my kids!  I am so happy we get to share these memories together!

Clark, Lorna, Mhari, Sandra, Talmage and Grant!

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