Saturday, April 11, 2015

Picnic Time!

For an activity our ward held a picnic.  It was held at a park nearby.  It is actually a park by the lake and it includes the beach and everything!  We went and the boys kicked the soccer ball with Jeff and the other kids played on the playground.  Once dinner was ready we all sat around and ate hot dogs.  Jeff even ended up getting to hold our friend's baby for a little bit.  He almost had her to sleep too :). 

After dinner the kids were dying to go play in the water.  I didn't think the water would be warm enough so I didn't let them bring swim suits.  That didn't stop them though and I finally caved and let them wade in the water.  I'm sure we could have stayed all night, but Jeff had work to do so we headed back home.  It was a great evening out and nice to enjoy it with our ward family. 

Jeff and baby Brynna.  

Mhari, Sandra, and Talmage


Grant skipping rocks

I think skipping rocks is one of my kids favorite things to do!

We missed staying for the sunset, but it was a beautiful night!

I really enjoyed the park and I am planning a May date to go again and hang out all day.  It will be fun to enjoy the beautiful weather and water with more friends!

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