Sunday, April 27, 2014

Camp out

 Talmage had his second camp out with the 11 year old scouts.  It was on the same weekend as the speech competition so he didn't get to stay very long in the morning so we could get out to the competition in time.  The timing all worked out and well and Jeff even got to attend the camp out with him :).  Here are some pictures that Jeff took during the camp out:

Foil dinners 

Dessert... smore's concoction made by the leader

taco style ;)

The boys all waiting to be taught how to sharpen knives and axes. 

 Talmage learning how to chop wood.  Putting the ax into action!

He even got to help with breakfast in the morning.  Talmage earned his Tenderfoot after this and is well on his way to earning his 2nd class and 1st class ranks.  Way to go Talmage!

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