Saturday, April 5, 2014


Our boys tend to be the ones who are injured on the field this soccer season.  We aren't sure why that is.  Talmage thinks it's because he and Grant aren't afraid to go for the ball and are more aggressive so they end up colliding more than their teammates do.  I like that theory, but I'm not sold on it either ;).  

Last week Talmage went down with a sprained ankle.  He has been nailed in the stomach with a ball and tripped at different times as well.  This was his first injury that he came out of the game though.  After a little bit of ice and stretching he was ready to go back in ;)

Then there is Grant.  Every game he has been down and sometimes pretty bad.  The week before this he totally took out the other teams player while they both went for the ball and it was pretty sweet.  He banged up his knee on that one.  This game there was a ball that was bouncing and he was going for it with his head while the other team player was going for it with his foot... while he ran and jumped at the ball.  He tagged Grant across the forehead and eyes.  If he wasn't wearing glasses he could have lost an eye from the cleat ;(.  I hadn't seen the play, but Jeff (who is helping with coaching) did and was yelling for the kid to be red carded.  The ref finally did yellow card the other player, but for how reckless and dangerous the move was we don't feel the punishment was fair.  

Grant's face was pretty scratched up.  He recovered on the sidelines and was ready to be put back in the game by the end of it too.  He's such a trooper.  Soccer can be pretty rough on a kid.  For today's game neither of my boys were down enough to need a stoppage to haul him off the field :).  Maybe we are improving at this skill?!

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