Sunday, April 27, 2014

Perot Museum!

We went to the museum with our cousins.  They had tickets to get us in so we got to explore it for the first time.  For driving to downtown Dallas it wasn't really as scary as I thought it would be ;).  

While waiting for our cousins we hung out on the frogs and other cool things.  Figured we could get some good pictures while waiting.

Lorna on the leap frogs :).  So cute!  

Sandra and Grant leaping on the leap frogs!

Grant and Talmage - JUMP!

cute Chica on the orange bench

Mhari in front of the small water area

All the kids pretending they are on an airplane flying over the water and trying to hang on.  Too funny!

Clark with the frog

Talmage riding the frog.  This is after we read the rules about the frogs... no jumping on or off of etc. :(  We were breaking the rules and right as we were reading the rules a security guy was coming to tell us not to jump on the frogs.  

Grant sliding on the small frog

Lorna sliding!

Clark on the awesome bench!

Once the cousins arrived we headed inside.  I didn't get everything, but here is a sample of the inside :).  

The dinosaur floor.  

In the weather area.  The kids are practicing doing the weather report on the blue screen with the tv above them showing what they looked like :)

While waiting outside for a drilling ride and learning about the drilling equipment.  The red thing in the background is called a Christmas Tree and sits on top of the well head.

In the drill ride, Lorna being cute

The last level we went to there was a small kid area and older kid area.  Tiffany ended up with the older kids and I had Clark and Lorna.  It was my favorite area... probably because it was so peaceful and I was only in charge of 2 kids :).  Clark LOVED the food area.  He would gather food, drop it from the farm truck and then restock the store.  I tried to get him to play in the truck, but he was so focused on the food he wouldn't leave it.  At the end he discovered the truck and then he was never going to leave the kid area.  

Lorna also loved the truck!

There were big flowers for making patterns out of.

There was a water works station.  Clark also really liked the water and boats.

Pouring water was fun too!

There was a playground in the shape of Dallas skyline.  This whole area was really cool!

Lorna sliding!

Lorna going up the rock wall.

Clark finally discovered the truck.  He would have stayed there all day!

Tiffany has pictures of the kids in their area.  It was more sports themed and they raced dinosaurs and athletes and such.  I will post those photos when I get them.  
It was a great day and we may have to get our own family passes :).  

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