Saturday, April 5, 2014

Open House

Our Legacy Co-op has ended for the school year.  The kids had a great time and had great classes and teachers.  We have an open house at the end for the kids to show off some of the cool things they learned and did in their classes.  

I didn't get pictures of the first presentation, but Mhari and Sandra were in a sign language class and they signed the pledge of allegiance to open the night.  They did great and it is fun to see them using so much sign language at home.  Sometimes it's annoying because Mhari will just respond with signs and not words ;).

Sandra was also in a Spanish class.  They got up and sang several songs in Spanish.  She did so good :)  

The boys had an art class and had some fun work to display.  Their teacher was awesome and had some great projects for them ;).  

This is Grant's work.  They made a butterfly and and one with lines to show shading.  

Talmage's work - butterfly, line drawing, and a shading flower done with erasing.  

Mhari also had art and had a booklet of art and nice handwriting.  It was cool to see how much she has improved over the 12 weeks. 

Afterwards there was dessert and seeing the cool displays.  The boys hanging out with friends.


Lorna, Sandra, and Ella

It is nice to have a break, but it will be great to do it again next year.  Co-op has been a great thing for us starting to homeschool this year!  We have met great families and made new friends :)

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