Sunday, April 27, 2014

Soccer Stud!

Saturday the boys had soccer again (until the middle of May actually.)  Jeff was gone to a county Bench Bar conference so we headed out to the fields without him.  Clark's soccer time was first and I had such a great time watching him.  They were teaching the kids stop and go and reverse direction drills.  By the end of the day I decided the older boys need to practice some of the skills they are teaching Clark :).  

This was the first week they broke the little kids out into teams to play a scrimmage game.  It was a 4 on 4 game.  Clark is on the orange team.  The other team had scored a goal (no goalie) while I was getting my camera.  It was cool to see Clark hold his own on the soccer field!  He ended up scoring 2 goals!  It was awesome!  He even had a kid hanging on his shirt the whole time, but he just kept on trucking to the goal.  After the goals he would run to me give me five and a kiss!  What a sweet boy!  He ended up being the little star for his team.  A dad standing nearby mentioned that Clark has talent :).  

Here are some fun pictures:

He even had a turn to kick off.

He looks so natural out there!

Maybe by the time he's 10 or 11 he really will be a soccer stud!  I guess it's lucky that he get's to start so young!

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