Saturday, April 5, 2014

Texas Country

We have toyed with the idea of owning land.  We found a property we were interested in and took a morning drive to check it out.  It's about 40 acres and an hour and a half away from our home.  It has a 3 acre spring fed lake and a nice rolling cleared prairie land with fencing.  

Here is what we saw on our visit...

The land has some cattle on it right now so the kids enjoyed the cows.  It's pretty sad when our kids were scared of the cows.  Mhari mentioned that the cows came over to them because they didn't know who we were so they had to check us out.  

Here is one view of the lake.  The three older kids are on the opposite side and they are tiny :)

Looking farther to the left

There is some left over junk on the property.  This bus has been here so long that a full tree has grown up through the engine compartment.  Pretty freaky!

The far right side of the lake that feeds into the land next to this lot.

Looking back toward the bus and the lake.

We drove Gus around the back of the property.  On our way out the kids hitched a ride on Gus :)


Sandra and Mhari

Clark hanging out behind Daddy

The front pasture.  There is a little pond for animals and lots of grass and wild flowers.  

Nap time ;)

We really liked the land and the opportunities this could bring for us and our kids.  There is lots to decide and figure out, but it was fun to get a real feel of what we are looking at.  You haven't really made it til you own your own little piece of Texas, right?

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