Monday, March 16, 2015

Free Ice Cream!

Dairy Queen did a day where they were giving out free ice cream cones!  That sounded amazing... because who doesn't love free ice cream?!  Well, by the time we were ready to head out it was evening and we were not wanting to be stuck in a crowd.  Instead, we chose to go to the McDonald's just down the road and pay for our vanilla cones.  It would've been nice to have it for free, but seeing how no one was in the McDonald's I would say we scored pretty good!  Here are some pictures of us enjoying our family night out!

Lorna licking and loving her ice cream!

Clark enjoying the little slide... even though he's so huge for it!

The kids were loving going down the slide...



Sandra ... so fast she was blurry :)

Talmage :)

He reminds me of someone....

Oh, yes,  his Daddy :)
Handsome boys!

 Sandra and Mommy peeking over Daddy's shoulder!

It was so great to have the place to ourselves.  I guess maybe we should take the kids out more... even if it is just for ice cream.  They had a blast at the play place ;)

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