Monday, March 9, 2015

My New Wall!

The game room in the house has a half wall that overlooks the main family area.  This creates a huge sound issue.  All of the noise from the family room comes up into the school room and vice versa.  Also, Jeff's office is right off of our school room and the door was never one that sealed shut.  It was time to make some changes.  While we were changing things we also decided to add more lighting.  I don't know why, but this house has terrible lighting!  

We hired a guy that I learned about from another home school mom (her hubby's business).  He did a great job and we are so happy to have the work done!

Here they are starting on the half wall.

The kids just had to watch!  It was always so exciting to have workers in the house.  Clark would follow them around and watch all day!

The drywall is going up!

 Drywall finished!

The doorway framed for the new door.

The new door!

It's a nice fit!

The family room side!  So nice to have a sound barrier now!

The door in and painted

Wall textured and primed.

I did the painting upstairs.  The green is not so army green.  It's more olive toned than this photo.  It looks sharp with the dark door.

The school room put back together!  You can see some of the new lights that we had added!

It has been such a huge improvement!

The workers painted the neutral color in the family room and finished it off with crown molding.  It turned out so well!  We almost had them replace the ugly ceiling fan, but time ran out and we didn't have a fan to replace it with.  

The new office lighting! 

There are still plenty of house projects we would like to do, but these sure have been helpful!  I love having more light and the wall and door are amazing!  I have been finishing painting some accent walls in the family room.  Once I get them done I'll add them to the blog as well :). 

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