Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Well, Spring Break at least!  The snow is gone and it is time to get out and play!  We had a great time in Benbrook playing with some of our awesome friends!  It's hard to believe we moved to Mansfield over 2 years ago!  It is always nice to see familiar faces and catch up with some great friends!

Talmage, Lorna and Clark playing!

Grant climbing to the top of the swing set!  He's such a daredevil!

Clark ready to slide!

Lorna sliding!

Sandra on top of the dome!

Clark swinging!

The kids playing a game in the dome... something to do with their power game :)

Sandra and one of her favorite friends, Keslie.  They joined us in the fall for co-op and that was great to see the girls bond again after we both moved away from Fort Worth.  They are such sweet girls. 

So, I definitely don't have enough photos of this fun park day.  First it was a little chilly and I didn't walk around to take photos.  Second it was so much fun visiting with my friends that I'm lucky I remembered to take a picture of Sandra with Keslie!  I loved getting see Lindsay, Shannon, Brittanie and Amanda!  They are such great ladies!  It's too bad we don't have a spring break every month so we can hang out!

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