Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A day at the Zoo!

Our co-op planned a zoo field trip at the end of February.  The zoo was doing a special for $5 admission and it sounded like a great idea.  Well, with the snow showing up that same week it ended up needing to be rescheduled.  We went the week after Spring Break instead.  It was beautiful weather and the kids really enjoyed getting to go to the zoo again.  I feel like we go to the zoo a lot, but this was the Dallas Zoo and my older kids had never been there.  There was no way we were going to spend all day at the zoo so my kids really want to go back and see the stuff they missed out on.  Oh, they are silly little, animal loving children!

It was nice to go with our friends from co-op, but also a little crazy.  We ended up traveling the zoo as a group so that was a little hectic.  Overall it was great and all of the kids loved sharing the zoo day together!

I let Talmage take pictures with the camera and I included a few animal ones from what he took.  I told him he also needed to take pictures of people.  There are a few from him and then I took some on my cell phone.  Here is the zoo day in photos :)


Sandra, Ella, and Lorna.  Courtesy of Talmage

The albino crocodile.

My pictures ;)

Clark and Mhari on the elephant statues!



Lots of friends!  Lindsay, Caleb, Sandra, Ella, Grant, Owen, and Talmage

Clark with the Elephants!  His favorite animal!

We love the zoo!

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