Thursday, March 12, 2015

4-H Days!

We have spent almost every Wednesday this year, 2015, at 4-H!  There have been many projects going on and there so much to be doing all of the time!  Some of the projects we have done are:  Consumer Decision Making, Horticulture, Robotics, Speech, and Archery!  We spend several hours together trying to squeeze in as much as we can and then everyone separates to their different Wednesday night activities.  I think that day is a little crazy, and definitely wears me out.  I spend most of my time with my little ones, trying to keep them out of the way.  Sometimes I sneak in and take photos of the fun the older kids are getting to do!

Here is Talmage working on his robot with his team :)

Grant and Sandra's robotics team.

During archery we go to the Craig's property.  One day we got to go on the bridge that goes across their pond :).



We also got to help make a float (decorate a trailer) for the Mansfield Pickle Parade.  It was fun to have all of the kids working together to get it done!

Talmage practicing for speech

Grant doing speech

Melinda Craig going over the robotics board.  This is what the kids need to practice on with their robots for the upcoming robotics competition!

Archery!  My kids favorite thing!  Grant does pretty well!

Sandra does really well!  I have been told that she has wonderful form and that she has a natural talent for the sport.  It will be great to see her learn and develop in this sport as we keep going in archery!

I haven't gotten a photo of Talmage, but he is doing great too!  They all beg to have their own bows and arrows!  
4-H is so fun and keeps us very busy!

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