Friday, March 20, 2015

Poem Surprise!

For Co-op on Friday's we open with announcements, pledge, poem, and prayer before we dismiss the kids to their classes.  Sometimes the kids who are assigned something forget so we have to ask for volunteers that morning.  One such morning the person wasn't ready with the poem so Ella offered to recite a poem for everyone.  While I was listening, I noticed that the poem sounded familiar.  I don't know if I had heard it before, but the way it was worded was very familiar.  After looking at Tiffany she mouthed that it was Talmage's poem for their power game.  At the end of reciting the poem Ella said it was by Talmage Williams.  It was a surprise for all of us!  It was so cool that she memorized it and then that no one knew that's what she was doing made it even more cool!  Way to go Ella.  Here is a copy of the poem:

The chosen ones
From all known lands
Will come to beat 
The iron bands.

That hold the world

And cover the green
Come help us
Select thirteen

One of fire
Found in the hearth
One of dirt
Living in earth

Oh so rare 
One of wind 
Found in the air

One of metal
Iron and copper
One of lightning 
Quite a shocker

One of jems
Stone of the age
Other of nature
Trees and sage

One of water
Rushing round and round
Other of snow
Sitting on the ground

One of storms
Loud as thunder
One of light 
make you blunder

One more left
They're vibranium
Cats included
Love their calcium

There they are 
The chosen few
Destined to save
The world a new

They all be of royal blood
Lost a far in 
Southern wood

At first light 
Of new day
Listen for
The call of the jay

He will guide you 
You must follow
To the hidden
Sacred hollow

Where you'll find 
The select thirteen
Each of them
As a youthful teen.

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