Saturday, March 7, 2015

Raising good Consumers!

In 4-H this year we participated in Consumer Decision Making.  The kids spent several weeks going over different categories and learning about how to make the best decision when given a list of criteria.  We competed in our county and all of our club's teams got to move on to District.  The district competition was held on Feb 7th in Waco, TX.  It was a Saturday so I took down the 3 oldest and Jeff got to hang out with the 3 little ones that day.  I also volunteered to help.  I got to go be a group leader for the Senior level of students.  I really had a good time helping and seeing what the Senior's are dealing with in this competition.  Maybe it will help me as my kids get up to that level.  

While I was off helping out the kids went and did their competition.  I met up with them at the end and got to hear how well they thought they did.  The kids all felt like they did really well :).  This is probably the biggest number of kids, that I know of, we had competed against in District.  Out of all of our teams the only ones to place was our junior team.  That meant that Sandra got another award (3rd place) and the boys didn't :(.  The boys were really upset.  It made for a good conversation in the car about how the competition worked and what the judges may have been looking for.  I think it is actually really good motivation to help the kids keep working at this and get better for next year.  This is the first time this group of kids had ever participated in this competition.  I'm sure we will continue to improve!

Our club at District!

Our three awesome kids!  
Grant, Sandra, and Talmage!

I know they are really learning from all of these experiences, even if they have a hard time sometimes.  They are learning so much!

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