Thursday, December 15, 2016

11 Years ... finally

Our little Chica girl is 11 years old... finally!  She just hangs out with her older brothers so much that it's hard to remember how young she is.  Sandra is definitely ready to be 11!  Happy Birthday!

Present time!

The whole stash!

Sandra wanted another penguin cake like she had last year. I decided to make a swimming pond for them in their little penguin enclosure :) 

 Make a wish!

Sandra is a great daughter!  She has natural talent, is determined and hard worker.  She wants to own her own farm when she grows up and live in the country.  I love seeing her so focused with her dreams!  I know she will accomplish anything she puts her heart into!  She loves music and works so hard on her piano pieces.  She loves to cuddle, read, and still loves penguins!  We love our Chica!

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