Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Lucky 13!

We now have 2 teenage boys!  Grant joined the teenage club :).  He is such a smart, fun creative, silly kid!  He is a great brother and loves to have fun and play games!  We love Grant and are so happy to have him as part of our family!

We knew life was crazy the week of Grant's birthday so we planned to do his birthday on Thursday.  Well, mutual got cancelled and all of the family ended up coming over to visit so we quickly got Grant's birthday set up (finished getting presents and making a cake).  We had a nice evening with family over.  Grant enjoyed eating his cake and opening presents!

Growing up so fast!

Helping light his own candles ;)

Make a wish!

Present time!

 The whole present stash! 
 Grant loves playing games, playing with kids, making up games... he is just a fun kid ;).  Grant is also good at sports and has natural music talent. It is fun to see him grow up!  He hates that Talmage has hit his growth spurt and he hasn't.  I'm sure he will catch up to Talmage all too soon!  We love you Grant!

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