Wednesday, December 7, 2016

District 8 Food Challenge

The kids participated in the District Food Challenge.  After county the kids had some notes from the judges for us to work on.  We practiced our team work skills and everyone worked on their speeches before the competition.  I also got to volunteer as a group leader so that was fun.  I was a group leader of an intermediate team which meant I got to go watch and see how our kids did during the competition :). 

Dragon Fruit .... ready to go!

They got the category of Breads and Cereals. 


Texas Gone Fruity

Once we were done and waiting for the awards ceremony, Mhari got a bad headache.  She laid down on my lap with some cool paper towels to help her feel better.  After a short nap she was much better.  I was worried she was getting really sick. 

The Roasted Skittles ended up in the main dish category.  They did a great job and even turned their whipping cream into whipped cream to pipe around the edge of their dish.  They named it "Flooded Noodle Town."

This competition was so much harder than previous years because there were so many teams.  This is the first year they separated out the Juniors from the Intermediates for the competition.  Dragon Fruit had 9 teams in their category and Roasted Skittles had 6 teams in their category.  I think it made doing well even that much harder. 

During the awards ceremony we were all thrilled when both teams took 2nd place in their categories!  Seriously it was so exciting!

Roasted Skittles!

Dragon Fruit!

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