Thursday, December 22, 2016

Holiday in the Park Fun!

Between everyone taking turns being sick and life being busy we finally made it out to the 6 Flags Holiday in the Park.  We took Grandma with us and met up with the cousins.  The kids had a blast and enjoyed getting to do some rides.  We didn't stay around too long for the evening festivities, but they still had fun!  One of the cool things that is only there for Holiday in the Park was the snow hill. 

Here are the kids getting ready to go down!


We stopped for snacks and then decided to head over to the antique cars.  We have never been on them so that was a fun experience.  Grant drove Grandma, Talmage drove me, and Owen drove Tiffany.  Bree took Mhari, Lorna, and Clark and Sandra and Ella rode together.  It was cute to see the boys split up the adults so they could each have a turn driving :)

I tried to get photos of everyone...

Sandra and Ella

Bree and her posse

Talmage driving ... oh this will happen all too soon!

Grant driving Grandma.  They got stuck way behind us all.

After the cars we split up and the older kids road the Texas Giant while the younger ones went on lots of little rides.  We met back up and we got some food before heading back home.  It was a fun time hanging out at 6 Flags!

Eating a turkey leg

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