Monday, December 19, 2016

Beautiful Music!

This year for piano our piano teacher, Miss Ashley, ended up having some extra time in her lesson schedule.  She asked me if I knew someone who would be interested in lessons after she was done with the girls.  I have been interested in getting the boys into some lessons so I decided to add more family members to the piano schedule.  Talmage refused, but I was able to get Grant to try it out.  I also decided since there was an empty slot that I would take lessons.  So this year we have Sandra, Mhari, Grant and me taking piano.  Miss Ashley does a great job and everyone is doing well.  I know that learning to read music is a struggle for me so having a teacher pushing me to learn is a huge plus! 

It's time for the recital.  Miss Ashley asked me if I wanted to participate in the recital and I said no.  I'm not interested in playing for everyone, but learning songs and surprising Jeff.  Oh, I did all of this practicing without telling Jeff.  I did finally play some Christmas music for him so surprise him!  It's been fun to be able to play Christmas music all season long! 

The kids did good for the recital, even if they had slacked off on their practicing with the stomach bug that went through the family. 

All of the Piano students

Grant!  He has natural ability and it will just continue to develop the more he practices!

Mhari is getting better at note reading and counting.  It's fun to see her learning!

Sandra really does well and worked so hard on her solo piece.  She is even working on making her own song!  It's great to see her develop her talents!

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