Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ward Christmas Party

It was time for the Arlington 3rd Ward Christmas Party.  The ward provided brisket and then we helped out with sides and desserts.  The evening had lots of service opportunities and visiting tables of Christmas's around the world.  While we were getting ready for dinner Talmage mentioned that his tummy wasn't feeling well....  Before we left he wasn't feeling that great, but he said he was feeling better and that it didn't feel like he was going to throw up.  Unfortunately, he really meant that yes, he did feel like he was going to throw up.  Poor guy.  He headed down the hall to the restroom (and spilled along the way).  He spent the next while hugging the toilet.  Jeff ended up taking him home and I hung out with the rest of the kids for the remainder of the party.  Totally a bummer way to start a party. 

They did have a piñata at the party and the kids got a chance to hit it. 

Clark tried so hard, but he didn't really get any good hits on it.

Once it was cracked open Grant ended up with a piece for a hat ;)

They had a Santa show up for the kids.  Our kids don't really do Santa so I never really worry about them visiting him.  I guess getting a candy cane was enough incentive to go sit on Santa's lap :).


Lorna really needed some convincing with the candy cane.

Sandra submitted to visiting Santa to get her candy cane too, but Mhari wouldn't do it. 

Well, the problem with the sickness didn't end with Talmage.  Sandra got sick Sunday evening and Grant joined the party later that night.  Lorna got sick later Monday night.  I hadn't thought too much about it and the evening Lorna got sick I had eaten her dessert when she was done with it.  I figured I was a goner for sure.  Luckily I didn't get sick!

Poor Lorna

Jeff came home early with his tummy not feeling good and rested.  Grant was really having a hard time.  He took all day before he started to do better. 

I was grateful that the sickness didn't hit everyone.  I figured we were in the clear by the time Thursday rolled around and it had been several days since anyone had thrown up.  The cousins came over and Tiffany and I went out and ran errands.  The next day Clark got sick :(.  Poor guy.  He took it pretty hard too.  Mhari was the only one who escaped the sickness.  The total bummer was that the next week Monday and Tuesday all of the cousins were throwing up.  Talk about sharing too much!  I'm grateful we survived the 2016 stomach bug!

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