Friday, December 16, 2016

Fall Beauty!

As nice as it was to have the kids pictures taken for "picture day" I love taking my kids photos and trying to capture their personality.  We had been doing yard work and created a huge leave pile in the backyard.  The kids were so excited to play in it, but I knew it would make for a great picture backdrop.  It worked out perfect, I got some great photos and they got to play in the leaves!  Here are some of the fun photos!

Lorna Bug

Mhari Punkin

Chica Sandra

Clark Dog

Leaf Fun!!

 Burying the kids in the leaves to play a mummy come alive game ;)

 Lorna wasn't sure about it.

 But she finally did it and had fun!

The boys had been gone on a campout so I tried to get some fun photos of them. 



I will probably end up taking more photos of the kids, but they are such good sports for me.  Yay for beautiful fall photos!

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