Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

The cousins came over to hang out on Christmas Eve.  It was nice to see them and spend time for Christmas.  With Jeff's parents in town we have had several nights with family over visiting.  When it was time to leave all of the kids piled into the back of the cousins' car.  9 kids in the back seat, looks comfy :).  Silly clown kids.

On Christmas Eve the kids do a gift exchange with each other.  It was fun to help them get the presents set for each other :).
Sandra got a sketch pad from Grant, Grant got a fox from Clark, Clark got a ball from Sandra, Talmage got a flying squirrel from Mhari, Mhari got a fluffy scarf from Lorna and Lorna got a Fluffy scarf from Talmage.

Opening presents on Christmas.

Jeff got a unicorn headband, and a t-shirt.

Lorna modeling the headband

This is to honor the squatty potty unicorn ad ;)

Talmage with his present stash






Merry Christmas!

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