Thursday, July 14, 2011

1 Year old Handsome!

OK, so his birthday was a few weeks ago, but the time has come to do the 1 year pictures :).  He is such a good boy and has really been progressing a lot lately.  He now climbs the stairs and can go down them too!  He is walking more and more, but still faster at crawling.  He eats most any people food and still naps about 3 times a day... OK, OK, on to the pictures.

I was able to leave the other 4 with a friend so that I could just focus on Clark.  Which ended up being great since he wasn't in a real smiley mood.  I was able to get some good ones though :).  

I put him down my the lily pond and he proceeded to try to crawl into it.  Man does he love water!

Standing on the bridge


one of my favorites :)

good face shot

mischievous smile - stealing the fishy baggie

sucking the finger - the most common picture of Baby

smile with the finger

so cute

another of my favorites!

Man, he's just getting so grown up so fast!


Katie Busken said...

He is just so cute! Did you take all those pictures yourself? If so, you're an incredible photographer.

Leann said...

So I'm holding Simon up to Clark's picture, supersized on my screen, and he's jumping and pointing-- I said "Who is that Simon?" and he said "kkkkkkkkk" in that little hissing voice... I think that's close enough to saying "Clark," don't you? :-) He gets very excited when he sees Clark.