Sunday, July 31, 2011

Daingerfield State Park

Yesterday we decided to do a last minute day trip.  The truck needed to drive some to break in the new tie rod ends and ball joints before the long drive next week.  We looked in our Texas info guide and decided on Daingerfield State Park.  It was about 200 miles away with a nice large lake.  

When we got there the kids had fun playing on rocks while Jeff rented paddle boats for the lake :)

Jeff helping Grant get on his life vest.


They even had a small one for our baby :)

Loading up the paddle boats.  Jeff got Grant, Sandra and Mhari.  I had the baby and Talmage.  It worked out pretty well.



the view while out on the lake.  Such a beautiful day, even if it was hot.

more scenery.

The last little area we paddled to had tons of lily pads.  It was super cool.  Talmage, and the others, had lots of fun playing with them - pushing them into the water.


Baby and me hanging out by the lily pads.

The view of the lily pads

On our way back we got a head of Jeff.  This is what we looked like :)

Meanwhile Jeff had let the kids take off their shoes and put their feet in the water for the ride back to the dock.

They loved it!

When we were all done and hanging out on the dock we met a man who was fishing... and had actually caught a fish.  The kids loved it!

Oh, and they loved hanging out with him watching him fish.  He was a nice guy to put up with our curious kids :).

We had a great time and will probably do another day trip when it's a little bit cooler :).  It's nice to get out in nature as a family!

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