Sunday, July 31, 2011

The tooth story :(

A couple of weeks ago we were at the store (buying our new table) and the kids were looking at the couches.  I was with them and we were going up to join Jeff at the front of the store.  On our way out there is a spot that has 4 or 5 steps - cement steps.  Mhari was in front of the group and I was at the back with the baby.  Suddenly I hear this smack and crying.  I put baby down and ran over to her.  She was at the bottom of the steps... she had tripped and landed at the bottom - not tumbled, but strait shot down all of her force landing at the bottom of the steps.  I picked her up to check her hands and knees, but nothing.  Then I checked her mouth :(.  

Ya, it was bleeding and her front tooth was loose.  Maybe the hard part of having lots of kids is that I'm starting to relive previous accidents... like when Grant was 1 1/2 and cracked his mouth on a folding table at church :(.  We ended up in the emergency room and no real answers.  

So, I'm experienced right?!  I knew it was bad, I could see the lines on her gums around the front left tooth where it had cracked into the cement.  I grabbed a wipey and held her trying to keep the tooth in place.  Jeff finished up with the purchase and we went home.  

She was in pain, but such a trooper.  I figured we'd get in with the Pediadentist on Monday and get an x-ray to see how bad the damage was.  Well, they were on vacation on Monday so we got in on Tuesday and had the x-ray taken.  Yup, the root was broken :(.  The Dr. gave her some antibiotics and decided to follow up in a week.  

I forgot to take pictures... but this is how quickly she healed - gums and mouth at least.  These were taken on Tuesday after the Dentist appointment:

It also broke her lip on the inside.  Really, it was looking really pretty good...

Until the next week Monday when Mhari jumped and bonked her tooth on my chin - Owe!  Oh, and re-injured it all over again :(.  I had to hold her tooth in place and the gums were pretty broken up again.

So we followed back up and did another x-ray and it confirmed that she's going to loose her tooth :(.  Her body is starting to dissolve the root and so the tooth will work it's way out on it's own.  She'll just be toothless for a few years.  I'll update a photo when it finally comes out.  Oh, it's sad, but she's such a good little girl.  I hope she enjoys having a toothless smile ;).  


Lacy said...

When I was 3 or 4 I tripped over a tree root at six flags and hit my tooth on a picnic table. I was toothless for a long time too.

The Williamses said...

She's still cute :-) Poor Mhari-- hugs from Uncle Aaron and Aunt Leann.

Cindy Killebrew said...

Mhari, you are so tough! I can't wait to see the new toothless Mhari!

Pierre Cardan said...

So how's her tooth now? I can see how concerned you are of her. You should schedule a dental visit for the both of you so you can monitor the state of your teeth. Have her teeth checked every two months to make sure they are growing healthily.

Pierre Cardan

Elvera said...

If she happens to be okay now, then that's great. It's better to do some preventive measures for her to become healthy, and eventually, for her confidence to improve.

Elvera Matos