Friday, July 8, 2011

Houston... We have Lift Off!

For the 4th of July holiday we headed down to Houston, TX.  This was our first trip to Houston as a family.  It is the 4th largest city in the US and the largest city in TX.  The skyline was pretty impressive :)

Along the road I saw this monument "A Tribute to American Statesmen."  

We arrived Friday evening and Saturday we were off to Space Center Houston!
We took a tour of the facilities the astronauts use to train:

Here is the model of the space stations.

Their model shuttle.

Cool looking robot.

Another cool robot.

These trees were planted in memory of lost astronauts.  Very humbling to see the circle of trees and realize all that has gone into these missions... time, energy, and peoples very lives.

 The last stop on our tour was the rockets:

Info about the rockets.

Inside the building was the one of the shuttles actually used... (really I can't remember which one).

It was huge!

The flags for all of the different missions.

The kids :). 

The top section of the shuttle.

It was a good tour, but the kids weren't all old enough to appreciate it.  It was also really hot and we were glad to get back to the main building with lots of A/C and fun stuff for the kids to do... 
To be continued :)

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