Saturday, July 9, 2011

Space Center Houston - Kid Zone!

Welcome back to our fun adventures at Space Center Houston.  Now that we've completed our tour we will explore all of the awesome activities the kids enjoyed (and sometimes the mommy and daddy too ;)).

Here is Clark in the kid area.  The play area was hugemongous!  I'm sure I could look up details about it's awesomeness, but really, it was big like a McDonald's play land on steroids.  The kids really just wanted to stay there the whole time.  We didn't, but this is my tribute to how much the all loved it - even though I just have the picture of Clark with the balls.  

There was a rock climbing wall that Grant really wanted to do.  So after waiting in line for a while (which only got longer and longer), he climbed the wall.  He almost made it all the way up too.  Way to go Grant!

Tommy also went up, but I didn't put his picture in.  He made it about where Grant did.

Then Talmage had his turn.  He took a little longer climbing, but I think those extra 2 inches really made up the difference because he made it all the way up!  Awesome job Talmage!

Joy also had a turn, but didn't get too far.  Nice try :)

OK, so I realize this picture isn't that great, but I had to include it... Uncle Aaron, holding Simon, Mhari and Clayton on his shoulders - Priceless!  What a good uncle!

There was this velcro jumping place.  You put on a velcro suit then run and jump on the bouncy spot and stick to the wall.  It was so fun to watch everyone doing it that we all took a turn...

Here I am - stuck to the wall :).  Once you were stuck it was pretty hard to get off too!

Talmage jumping.

Talmage stuck!

Sandra stuck :)
 Grant waiting for his turn!
 Jump and stick!

Last, but not least, Jeff's turn!


There was human fooseball!  Jeff went in with the boys :).  What a good Daddy!

Here is Grant and Talmage on the front pole ready to score!

Grant kicking!

Not to leave the little ones out there was this light hand grabbing game.  It was like whack a mole with lights - only instead of whacking you grabbed the hand grips.  Mhari had fun running around grabbing and climbing.  She would just get back in line when her turn was done... She probably did it like 10 times at least!

Sandra also liked the light grabbing game.  She was also really good at it :).  You have a minute to grab as many as you can... Mhari grabbed about 15 or so each time, while Sandra would get 31 pretty consistently!  Yes she's older, but she was pretty fast!  (and she also would just get back in line)

Blurry picture since she was always moving!

There were other sports stations:  Throwing a baseball, kicking a soccer ball, and throwing a football.  They had a great time doing sports!
Here's the boys kicking the soccer balls!

At the velcro game there was a spining light ball and music.  Needless to say the girls, Sandra and Joy, enjoyed it and got some good dancing in.  

I can't say that what we did was really preparing our kids for space exploration, but they really had a blast!  I think the summer theme was "Sports" so that is why there were so many different sport things to do.  Also all of the things we did were free with our admission... so why not do it!?  It was like an indoor amusement park for a while... with out the crazy rides or the creepy vendors trying to get you to waste your money ;).

Oh, we did see more space stuff, feel an actual rock from the moon and look at the inside of a space shuttle, but for some reason we didnt' get any pictures of that ;).  We had a great time... and the kids are still talking about the play area at the space center!

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That looks AWESOME! Too bad we never made it down to Houston when we lived in Texas!