Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Beach!

I owe a big shout out to my bro and sis-in-law for the pictures... and the next post about the battleship!  Our camera had died so here are more pics that they shared :)

Clark in the water.

Joy and Thomas

jumping in the waves

Daddy and Baby

Aunt Leann and Simon



more waves


Uncle Aaron and Simon

Baby and me
 Mhari and Clayton

Simon and Clark



Digging for sand crabs
 mud puddle

We had a great time at the beach... just wish we lived closer so we could enjoy it more often!  I love that it doesn't take much to entertain my kids ;).  Yay for sand, ocean, and sand crabs! 

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Lauren and James said...

That is what is making seattle so awesome right now, there are beaches all around it seems, some as close as 10 mins! Not that we will be able to enjoy it all year cause it'll be cold but still, the views!