Tuesday, July 19, 2011

at the Grown Up Table

Over the years our little family has turned into a big family :).  We have slowly been outgrowing our kitchen table.  When Jeff's parents were in town we sent them home with our old table because we had ordered our first kitchen table that would fit our family (it could seat up to 8 people).  Well, that table fell through and we were left with out a kitchen table.  

It has been a couple of months since our small table left us and this was our solution.  I got my craft table downstairs with our extra chairs.  Let's just say it felt less than classy!

Last weekend we went out table shopping - again.  We had gone back and forth between buying and making a table.  At the 2nd store we went to I saw the table!  Yes, it was our table, the exact table that had fallen through that Jeff and I both loved.  It was great to sit at it, try out some different options and decide that we were ready to, once again, purchase our table.  The best part was that they could deliver it the very next week!  It has arrived and I love it... 

and the kids love it too!

It is nice and big!

This time instead of ordering the 2 extra chairs we needed we got a bench for the kids.  It is nice and long and could fit up to 5 kids on it!  That's even more seating... we could invite friends over for dinner ;).

You can really see how long the bench is with all 4 kids on it... and there's extra room :)!

OK, so here it is without the kids:

After this picture, I centered the table to the pictures on the wall... I really like the distance around everything too.

another close up of the bench.

With getting the table we moved our hutch into the kitchen.  I really love the way it has changed the whole feel of our kitchen... we are grown ups now!
It's great to have a good job that we can buy a table that will fit our family and even a few extra friends!  
Now time to go make some dinner and start breaking it in ;)


Rice Family said...

oooooooo! I love it! We too have outgrown our kitchen table and have been looking around.

A Tale of Three said...

I love the table, looks really nice! And just think...with all that extra seating, you could fit at least 3 more kids :)