Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stockyards and Riding the Bull

One of the days the cousins were here we went to the Stockyards.  It was fun to show them all of the cool cowboy stuff :).  The first thing we did was measure up to the long horns.  

Talmage was the longest of our kids...

Sandra is getting bigger ;)

Grant is just shy of Talmage's length.

Then Mhari, our littlest longhorn girl :)

Then it was time to lock up the bandits!



 A jail full of wild ones ;)

Next it was on to the maze.  Uncle Aaron braved it with the kids.  They went all over trying to find the punchers to spell out "maze."  They all had fun - well, accept Mhari who gave up early.  They were sure hot afterwards!

 When they all completed the maze they even got a prize!  Here they are showing off their reward.


Simon and Clark bonded in the strollers :)

On our way out we ended up by a mister.  Simon had fun in it and it was cool to see all of the water drops speckling his face :)

We also got to see the long horn cattle drive.  There were only about 10 long horns... I thought there were more last time we saw it 

Cool picture 

Last summer when Jeff's parents were in town after Clark was born we took them down to the stockyards.  During that time Jeff decided he was going to ride the mechanical bull.  Seeing how I had just had a baby and how fast the bull went I really had no desire to attempt it.  

Well, it's been a year, I've been mentally preparing... oh, and the bull ride has totally changed!

It was time to ride the bull.  It was a lot slower than when Jeff rode it so I got to hang on for a while :)

It got pretty tiring...

And after a while it was time to get off :)

Man, my legs hurt for a few days afterwards.  I guess I don't ride enough bulls to have strong legs for riding :).  I'm glad I did it... being a Texan now and all.  

We also went souvenir shopping and ate lunch at Risky's Steak House.  It was a fun time at the Stockyards even if it was hot outside.

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