Thursday, July 14, 2011

Battleship Texas!

For the Fourth of July we visited the San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas.  This was the battle where Texas defeated the Mexicans to earn their own independence.  It was great to do something to honor those who have fought courageously to earn our freedoms.  It almost seems like such an odd spot for a monument, but it's on the battlegrounds and then the Battleship is right across the way.  Besides the heat and humidity it was awesome :).

Here is the picture of the monument.  It's taller than the DC Monument.

At the base of the monument.  There are carvings at the bottom of the pillar and the history is written out on the outer walls of the base (if you click it bigger you can see it better).

The family :)

The view from the top of the monument.  There is the huge reflective pool and then the harbor area.  On the right is the battleship.

Closer view of the battleship.

Joy getting a better look.

Grant's turn.

Uncle Aaron :)

On the battleship.  Jeff showing the kids how to sit and work the big guns.

Those are some big weapons!

Looking off the front of the ship.  The big gun at the top of the picture.

Looking back at the ship from the front... right into the big guns!

Inside the battleship - toilets

The bunks.  

The dental office.

Narrow stairs!

Down by the engines.  Really low ceilings.  The safety officer showed us around (guy with sunglasses in the bottom corner).

More stairs.

View from climbing up the control tower.

More steps.  Leann and I hung out on deck while everyone else took these steps up to the top of the ship.  We figured we'd had enough climbing with babies in our arms. 

Happy Independence Day!  I was happy to sit my kids down and talk about our freedoms and fighting to not be under a king's rule.  Our last big stop before the drive home.  It was a fun trip to Houston!

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