Thursday, October 31, 2013


At the Zoo!

With our zoo membership we decided we needed to go to Boo at the Zoo this year!  We even went with homeschool friends and had a blast!  There were tickets for the booths so the kids got candy and other little give aways.  We didn't spend as much time enjoying the animals, but the day was really fun!  I think the kids also really liked being in costume :).  They are all supposed to be pirates, but I didn't care what they chose to wear to the zoo.  Here are some fun photos of our day :)

Mhari and Sandra with an Eagle

There was a band that played called "The Drumming Monkeys."  I was sad that they weren't real monkeys.  The kids had fun though.

Mhari wanted her picture taken with them too :)

Some of the fun pumpkins that local "celebrities" had decorated for the zoo.

Hanging out and waiting tp meet up with cousins.

We got to talk to some of the zoo keepers at the lion exhibit. The kids had lots of fun questions, as did the adults ;).   
Here are Grant and Owen.

Ella and Sandra 

We found the bears... but they were napping.  

Tiffany shared her cowgirl hat with Lorna.  Lorna made a cute cowgirl princess ;)

Boo at the Zoo is a pretty crowded event, but I'm glad we went.  I think my kids could visit the zoo every week and have fun ;).  

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