Friday, October 11, 2013

Hair today... Gone tomorrow

Mhari cut her hair :(.  She made a new layer for her bangs.  She has mentioned in the past that she wanted her hair cut like her cousins (which is really short), but then she changes her mind and wants hair like Repunzel.  Little girls can be very tricky.  Once hair is cut the decision is done and I didn't want her to be sad about having short hair since it has taken so long to grow her hair out.  I figured that since she had taken the time to cut her hair it was time to give her the real hair cut.  Now, I'm not one to just chop off all of my child's hair, so it's actually still decently long.  

Here is the after picture...
just past her shoulders. 


This is how much I took off.  My before picture was deleted accidentally :(.  It was a lot of hair to cut off though.

After her hair had dried. 

She really likes her shorter hair.  It is easier to brush, is healthier, and just looks great on her.  I'm glad it was a great experience for all of us (since I was sad about her cutting off her hair).  My little girl is not so little anymore.  It's crazy that she already has such an opinion about her hair!

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