Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Party!

Our friends from homeschool decided to have a Halloween party for the kids.  I thought it was a great idea and even got to help with one of the crafts!  There was always something going on for the kids to do and everyone had a great time!  My only complaint was that it was during nap time for my little ones.  They held out and did great... even if they crashed once we got in the car to go home ;).

Here are the kids doing a Halloween BINGO game.  

Mhari dressed as a princess. 

Grant as a ninja

Sandra as a pirate

Lorna little princess

Talmage in his pirate outfit.  Notice Lorna climbing the little table in the background

Huge Halloween cookie!  It was so yummy!

Witch hat toss

I was in charge of the skeletons.  There are ones from q-tips and others that are cursive names .  It was a fun craft for kids of all ages ;)

Poor Clark was sooo tired!

Lorna didn't even make it down the street before she was out!  So cute!

I'm glad I get to hang out with other families and enjoy our kids together! What a great party!

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