Friday, October 11, 2013

Outdoor fun!

The weather has cooled off some and the joy of playing out in our col-de-sac is back!   It would be nice if our ants would go away... we've had too many ant bites recently, otherwise, everyone loves it outside!

Lorna especially loves being outside... and doing what the big kids are doing.  Talmage let Lorna sit on her bike since she wanted a turn too.  Such a silly girl.  Grant has helped her on Mhari's bike, since it has training wheels.  Unfortunately there was an accident and she had a scraped up face for a few days :(.  

Clark is a ham... loves to get his picture taken

Lorna trying out the scooter

The kids were pretending to be on a boat ride... this was their ship and sail

Grant and Mhari's boat was the back of the truck bed.

One night Jeff and  I were out with the kids and we were shooting the basketball.  Lorna needed a turn too!

So cute!

Let's not forget Clark

I love that my kids like to go out and play and be active!  I also love that the weather is much nicer now that we can enjoy outside more often!

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